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Our wool fibers are some of the rarest on earth. Luxurious, soft as cashmere, and all natural – most are blended natural colors just as they come from the animals who so generously offer up their wool. The rest are colored using non-toxic dyes.


The term cashllama refers to the incredibly soft premium hair from the belly and neck of the llama. Every bit as soft as cashmere and less itchy than sheep wool, the llama is a camelid that produces one of the world’s most sought after natural fibers. Once a year the wool is hand shorn from the bellies and necks where the fibers are long and incredibly fine, producing a luxurious feeling garment that holds its shape and retains its integrity. Not just beautifully soft and warm, the strong cashllama fiber resists pilling considerably more than cashmere. Cashllama comes in a huge range of natural tones - from deep rich sable browns that are almost black to the snowiest blonde-white colors.

Muskox and Cashllama blend

50% Muskox from the Arctic and Nothern Canada and 50% of our Cashllama blend. Muskox is the rarest of all deluxe fibers - the softest on earth. Weightless warmth like sunlight and love!

Baby Alpaca

Similar to cashllama, baby alpaca is a soft and downy fiber that resists balling. Alpaca fiber has been prized for its quality throughout history. Not surprising when you consider that two thousand year old Incan ruins have yielded alpaca garments still intact and retaining their natural color. Our baby alpaca is knit in a lighter weight than the cashllama yet is every bit as warm and cozy.



Soft Grey




Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

We have found the most luxurious eco friendly Pima cotton. We went straight to the best source in Peru for the softest we could find and made sure they were as dedicated to helping preserve our environment as we were. Our eco friendly Pima cotton uses low impact dyes to create a beautiful range of colors.

Baby Pink

Baby Blue



Palm Beach


Dove Grey

Sky Blue



Party Dresses

All of our party dresses are lined in premium organic Pima cotton made from special mills in Japan.